Where’s Renton?

No, not him in Trainspotting…..

Renton is a village on the banks of the river Leven: the river which flows out of Loch Lomond and joins the river Clyde at Dumbarton. Over time the communities along the river – Balloch, Alexandria, Jamestown, Bonhill, and Renton – have spread and joined together. Today, they are collectively known as the Vale of Leven, or ‘the Vale’.

The area has been no stranger to poverty, either in the past or in recent times, but some inward investment is finally beginning to produce an upturn in fortunes. A lot of regeneration work has been done in Renton, much of it by Cordale Housing Association. They have vastly improved social housing in what was once an extremely deprived area – Uppa Close is located in one of their beautifully refurbished tenement blocks.

Finding us is easy. Renton main street is the B857 (off the A82). Our tenement sits on the main street, just before Renton becomes Alexandria. Or just after Alexandria becomes Renton, depending on which direction you are travelling. It’s a big white block of flats with peachy coloured trim along the top of it. You can’t miss it. (Coming from the Dumbarton side, you’ll see a white tenement with blue trim first. Ours is the next one.)

So Uppa Close is just an ordinary flat in an ordinary urban area – but it’s a ten minute drive to the southern shore of Loch Lomond, and a ten minute drive to Dumbarton. Half an hour or so to Glasgow. Just off the main trunk road west (A82), and a ten minute walk to Renton train station. And there’s a local bus stop just across the road.

You’ll find local information, and suggestions for things to do, in the blog.