Renton’s Writer

If you are a fan of eighteenth century novels, you may have heard of Tobias Smollett. If you haven’t heard of him, or think you don’t like eighteenth century literature – why not live dangerously, take a risk, and give him a read? I have to confess that, so far, I’ve only read one of … More Renton’s Writer

Loose Ends

Everything’s almost done! I’m expecting notification that the flat has been removed from the Council Tax Register and moved over to Rates. As a small business, my rates bill is likely to be either very small or nothing at all – I’m hoping, obviously, for the latter! There are a few things still to do … More Loose Ends

It’s happening!

Wow, what a hectic few days it’s been….. I advertised the flat on Airbnb, and within two hours I had my first booking….. and the place wasn’t even totally ready! Our guests arrived on Friday afternoon. I’d been running around like a runny-around thing all morning, and was literally doing last-minute dusting as they rang the doorbell. … More It’s happening!