Tourism – the Benefits and the Drawbacks

It may seem counter-intuitive for someone in the tourism business to be posting an article about the problems tourism brings – but this is an increasingly important issue, prompted by recent news reports that the Isle of Skye is “full up”, and visitors are being advised to stay away unless they have accommodation booked. photo … More Tourism – the Benefits and the Drawbacks

Renton’s Writer

If you are a fan of eighteenth century novels, you may have heard of Tobias Smollett. If you haven’t heard of him, or think you don’t like eighteenth century literature – why not live dangerously, take a risk, and give him a read? I have to confess that, so far, I’ve only read one of … More Renton’s Writer

Loose Ends

Everything’s almost done! I’m expecting notification that the flat has been removed from the Council Tax Register and moved over to Rates. As a small business, my rates bill is likely to be either very small or nothing at all – I’m hoping, obviously, for the latter! There are a few things still to do … More Loose Ends

It’s happening!

Wow, what a hectic few days it’s been….. I advertised the flat on Airbnb, and within two hours I had my first booking….. and the place wasn’t even totally ready! Our guests arrived on Friday afternoon. I’d been running around like a runny-around thing all morning, and was literally doing last-minute dusting as they rang the doorbell. … More It’s happening!