Loose Ends

Everything’s almost done!

I’m expecting notification that the flat has been removed from the Council Tax Register and moved over to Rates. As a small business, my rates bill is likely to be either very small or nothing at all – I’m hoping, obviously, for the latter!

There are a few things still to do in Uppa Close, but nothing which prevents it being inhabited. The hall cupboards are only partly wallpapered – and I still need to fix curtain tiebacks in the kitchen. But these are very minor tasks.

More importantly, my second guest is in residence and has extended their stay, and I have three more upcoming bookings! Two parties are in the area to attend weddings, and one is holidaying in Scotland from Europe. So things are taking off…

I’ve also taken out an advert on the Walkhighlands website. I know it gets a lot of traffic from hillwalkers (myself included), and Uppa Close is perfectly situated for a few days’ walking in the National Park. So I’m hoping to attract some business from there. Furthermore, I’m about to email the man responsible for advertising accommodation in the Tourist Information Centre in Balloch. Airbnb is working well so far, but you need to be proactive with these things – I’m still letting them handle all the bookings, but there’s nothing stopping me taking steps to nudge potential guests in their direction!


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