It’s happening!

Wow, what a hectic few days it’s been….. I advertised the flat on Airbnb, and within two hours I had my first booking….. and the place wasn’t even totally ready!

Our guests arrived on Friday afternoon. I’d been running around like a runny-around thing all morning, and was literally doing last-minute dusting as they rang the doorbell. Have you ever watched 60-minute Makeover on the telly? That was me…

But I’m assuming all has gone well, as I’ve not had any frantic cries for help. It felt very odd to hand over the keys to folk and walk away – I hope they’ve been comfortable enough. They leave this morning, and my next guests arrive tomorrow afternoon.

So instead of being poised and ready to rush down and do the changeover I am, of course, sitting here assembling this new website! I’ll shift myself in a minute. I’m waiting for the rain to go off so that I can hang out a washing.

Besides, this is business that I’m doing…. honest 🙂


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